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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an Architect to produce my plans for Council Approval?
No, ReziCAD as a Registered Building Designer is licensed to produce building plans and lodge them for Council Approval.
Does ReziCAD carry Professional Indemnity Insurance?
Yes, ReziCAD holds sufficient Insurance to satisfy the requirement of the Building Services Authority.
Who holds copy right over the plan once they are produced?
Once the account has been paid in full the copyright will belong to you.
Do I need a soil test to design the house and does the house require an Engineer to design the slab or foundations?
No. The soil test and slab will be required for your builder to price your home and then is required for council approval.
Can you design the house to a budget?
Yes. If you give an idea on your budget we will design the house to be fairly close to your budget. However the further you move away from standard building practices, the harder it becomes to design to your budget.

What are the advantages of using ReziCAD?
Our staff are easy to get along with and talk in terms that you can understand. We can complete your project on time and on budget.

How much will my job cost to build?
We can really only design the building with your estimated budget in mind. You will need to have a building estimate the construction cost once the concept plans have been produced.

How do we begin a project with you?
An initial introductory meeting either on site or in our office to discuss budgets, construction ideas, size of home, number of rooms etc.

Where can you design plans for?
ReziCAD is licensed to prepare plans and specifications in Queensland only.

How long will it take to get building approval?
Building approval through a Private Certifier will generally take around 4 weeks if it is straight forward with no problems.

Do I need plans drawn before I can get a building quote?
Yes, Most builders will require preliminary plans to give you an approximate quote and then will require full working drawings to provide an accurate price.

What do you charge?
Depending on our contractual agreement with you, our firm usually charges a fixed rate to complete whole job. A deposit is usually paid up front which represents a percentage of the overall quoted price, unless you hold an account with trading terms.

Do I need a Development Approval, as well as a Building Approval?
In some instances, yes. We can advise if this will be required as we work closely with town planners.

When do I need a Draftsperson to drawn up my plans?
Under the building act, any building work regardless of cost requires a licensed building contractor. Design work is classed as building so your draftsperson needs to be licensed with the Building Services Authority (BSA).

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